General Information

International Research and Education Centre for Physics of Nanostructures (PhysNano) has been found in 2006 based on Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science (OPMNS) and Centre of Information Optical Technology (CIOT). Primarily, CIOT consisted of three scientific laboratories: Optics of Quantum Nanostructures, Photophysics of Surface, and Nonlinear Optics of Condensed Media. In 2013 the team of PhysNano together with leading scientist Y.K. Gun'ko (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) has won the Grant of the Government of the Russian Federation (No. 14.B25.31.0002). During its realization in CIOT has been found laboratory – Anisotropic an Optical Active Nanostructures.  At the same year in the framework of The Federal Target Program "5-100" has been created  one more laboratory  – Physics of Carbon Optical and Electrical Nanostructures and PhysNano  has got an international status.