Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (Agilent)

  • Multiple collection modes: Fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemi/bio-luminescence, and time resolved phosphorescence measurements can all be easily made without changing a single hardware component
  • Lowest cost of ownership: The Cary Eclipse is so robust and reliable that every new instrument comes with a 10-year lamp life guarantee, reducing ongoing expenses to virtually zero. 
  • Improved laboratory safety: Additionally the guaranteed exceptionally long lifetime of the lamp in the Cary Eclipse eliminates lamp replacements, a hugely time-consuming and potentially hazardous operation.
  • Easy to use: Modular, application-specific software, which satisfies the needs of novice and expert users alike, and the ability to switch between measurement modes without touching the hardware, ensure that any user can quickly get reliable, accurate results with minimal training.
  • Expand your analytical capabilities: The superior, unique design of the Cary Eclipse ensures room light immunity allowing the instrument to operate with the front and top panels removed for easy access to sample and fast installation of large accessories.
  • Proven sensitivity where you need it most: Optimized design coupled with unique, high-sensitivity optics and detectors ensure that the Cary Eclipse gives you the performance that you need right across the spectrum. 
  • Robustness, reliability and sensitivity: Engineered to be the most robust instrument on the market, the Cary Eclipse incorporates the unique Agilent xenon flash lamp to capture a data point every 12.5 ms and scans at 24,000 nm/min without peak shifts perfect for high throughput laboratories and fast kinetics applications.
  • Unique Sampling: By incorporating Agilent’s unique capacity to guarantee room light immunity coupled with the highly accurate and reproducible Peltier temperature control, the Cary Eclipse delivers unique sampling opportunities that will expand your analytical capabilities, simplify your workflow and increase your sample throughput.
  • Reliable Results: The Cary Eclipse only illuminates the sample when data is actually being acquired. This means that the Cary Eclipse prevents your valuable samples from photodegradation and preserves their integrity to the point that you can measure them over and over again and continue to get the same, reliable result.