For Entrant

The International research and education center for Physics of Nanostructures offers the complete educational cycle: we train B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.Ds. Our broad and demanding curriculum is focused on the nanotechnology and optical nanomaterials field. It is well known that nanotechnology is the most challenging and up-to-date research field worldwide. We aim to provide our students with the strong theoretical and experimental background that is essential for their successful professional or scientific career.

Undergraduate programme

  • Physics of nanostructures

Four year programme Physics of Nanostructures is designed for students interested in high-quality education in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials. We aim to involve our students in research activities and provide them with an experience of working on the modern equipment of labs.

Master's programme

  • Physics and technology of nanostructures

Our two years programme allows you to continue your education in the field of theoretical and experimental physics of nanostructures. Students under the guidance of leading scientists work on their own research projects. 



Doctorate programme

Students holding Master's degree in physics or related subject are welcome to apply for a full-time programme for a PhD degree in Optics. As PhD student you wll be part of our research community working on cutting-edge physical problems. We see our goal in providing you with the skills, knowledge and equipment to develop as independent researcher and professional. International research and education center for Physics of Nanostructures has outstanding spectroscopic and microscopic facilities as well as computational equipment available to make it real