Nanostructured hybrid materials based on carbon dots and plasmon nanoparticles for high-efficient optical radiation emitters

  • Руководитель: Anatoly V. Fedorov

Project No. 18-29-19122 mk of Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Head of project: Prof. Anatoly V. Fedorov


The project is aimed at developing the physicochemical principles for controlling the optical properties of nanostructured hybrid materials based on luminescent carbon dots (C-dots) and plasmon metal nanoparticles (PMNPs) and developing prototypes for such materials for high-efficient optical radiation emitters relevant for the development of "green" photonics. To achieve this goal, interdisciplinary researches will be conducted combining approaches in the field of chemistry and materials science, physics of nano- and microstructures, optical spectroscopy, and engineering. We will develop methods for the synthesis of new nanostructured hybrid materials with desirable parameters, priority experimental and theoretical studies will be performed the energy spectrum of the C-dot / PMNP system, energy transfer processes, photoluminescence mechanisms, and plasmon effects of enhancement optical responses in such systems. As a result, adequate models of these processes and effects will be developed, the principles for controlling the optical responses of hybrid materials by varying their chemical, morphological and structural parameters will be developed , and prototypes of new high-performance materials for emitters of optical radiation which in demand in the devices of "green" photonics.