Chiral nanocrystals

Chirality is one of the most fascinating phenomena in the natural world. Chiral compounds have already played an extremely important role in the fields of chemistry, pharmacology, biology, and medicine. Currently chiral nanocrystals are an emerging class of nanostructures that attract considerable attention because the chirality of the nanocrystals can have a tremendous effect on the nanotoxicology and nano-bio-technology fields. The biocompatibility of chiral nanocrystals can be improved dramatically compared to achiral nanocrystals. It will be possible to embed them in biosystems playing by molecular “rules”. We have learned how to separate enantiomers of nanocrystals, we have shown that chirality is an intrinsic property of semiconductor nanocrystals, and now we are working on further investigation of different aspects of interaction between chiral nanocrystals and biosystems.